Centralised transport look-up API

In previous posts we have mentioned the need for a centralised look-up service for all transport / mobility providers. This is needed (especially in the early stages of the Open Transport standard) to enforce data consistency between those who have adopted it. To achieve this, the Open Transport team have agreed that we need to […]

Article about Open Transport on Digit website

There is a great post about the Open Transport initiative from Moya of Ideal Interface on the Digit website this week.https://digit.fyi/open-transport-shaking-up-the-transport-sector/ The article leads with the line: “Open Transport is creating a standard way that transport customers can securely integrate their accounts together and share some transport data. “ It answers some very useful questions that […]

Open Transport Press Release October 2019 (full version)

Open Transport Initiative launches New Standard for Transport and Mobility Interoperability “Open Transport aims to do for the transport sector what Open Banking has done for the Financial Services sector.” Today, International Standards Day (14th October) sees the launch of a new standard in the transport and mobility sector. The publication of a draft Open […]