2021 – the year Transport & Mobility adopts Smart Data initiatives?

Back in September 2020 the Government published the report:
“Next steps for Smart Data. Putting consumers and SMEs in control of their data and enabling innovation”.

In this document it clearly stated the intention to use legislation to “mandate industry involvement in Smart Data initiatives across the economy”. This means that Parliament will make different sectors, including Transport & Mobility, share customer data.

So in the same way that Open Banking delivered Financial Services account interoperability… we can expect the same regulations applied to Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Platforms and Transport Providers across the UK.

The Open Transport initiative was set-up to further the creation & adoption of Open Standards in Transport. In January 2020, after getting the input from over 30 providers, suppliers, and specialists across the industry, we published THE FIRST & ONLY Open Standard API specifications for Transport & Mobility customer account smart data sharing. Learning from what has been successful in other sectors, this work is now known as the “Open Banking for Transport”.

We believe that the adoption of open and consistent smart data sharing standards will help:

  • To put customers back in control of their transportation data
  • To kick-start and enable an ecosystem of MaaS innovation
  • To deliver the UK Government intention of full customer transport account interoperability

2021 is the year that Transport & Mobility needs to shape the future of our industry or be shaped by it.

We therefore have the opportunity to work collectively and together now and adopt Smart Data sharing practices… Before we are legislated and mandated to do so.

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