Powering innovation in rail by adopting interoperable smart data standards

Today Hayden, our Founder and Chair , gave a presentation to The Rail Innovation Group on their regular “Munch & Learn” webinar. The session explained the work & future aims of The Open Transport Initiative and was a combination of presentation (titled “Why all transport accounts need to make their data shareable”) and lively Q&A.

Topics covered included:

  • The UK Government has now clearly stated the intention to use legislation to “mandate industry involvement in Smart Data initiatives across the economy” – including transport & mobility
  • Now is the time for Rail to lead by example and commit to adopting interoperable customer account data standards to enable & fuel innovation across our industry

A full copy of the presentation can be found embedded below. And if you would like more information on the topics covered, please contact us: contact@opentransport.co.uk

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