Open Transport joins the Open Data Institute

The Open Transport Initiative is pleased to announce that it has become a member of the Open Data Institute (most commonly known as the ODI

The Open Data Institute was founded in 2012 by the inventor of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt. Its mission is to work with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem and has a vision of a world where data works for everyone.

This mirrors the role of The Open Transport Initiative to work with all transport & mobility organisations and support the use of Open Standards. It also closely aligns with our founding aim to drive and support the adoption of shared & interoperable data for all transport modes to benefit the travelling customer.

Founder and Chair of The Open Transport Initiative Hayden Sutherland said “Our role is to work with as many reputable companies and individuals across the data spectrum, to support the use of Open Standards in the transport and mobility sector. Joining the ODI was therefore an obvious step and one that will help to communicate and improve the work we have already done”.

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