About Us

The Open Transport Initiative was set-up by a group of companies working in the transport and technology areas, to further the creation & adoption of Open standards in mobility.

Founding members included:

Ideal Interface
A digital strategy, technology implementation and online marketing consultancy based in Scotland.

A digital design, development and marketing company with extensive transport sector clients based in South West England.

From 3rd January 2020
The Open Transport standards are now managed by a Board of individuals with significant & diverse transport and technology experience. Their role is to oversee any proposed changes to the current published Open Standards and produce & agree any funding applications made to create reference implementations of the published API specifications.

The current Board members are

  • Hayden Sutherland (Chair)
  • Marcus Mayers

If you would like to join or know more about the work of the Open Transport initiative please contact us: contact@opentransport.co.uk

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