Open Standards

Our two Application Programming Interface (API) specifications are currently available as Open Standards :

  1. Customer-account API
    A standard API design for transport data sharing and therefore mobility account interoperability. Provides a consistent way for customers to integrate their MaaS or Transport provider account data ( journey, ticket and discount) with another similar account or a value-added service (e.g. a Delay Repay provider)
  2. Centralised Operator-info API
    A design for a centralised API look-up service for finding the location of data across different Transport operators and MaaS platforms. A first-of-a-kind technical directory service, based upon Internet of Things (IoT) principles, allows one Operator’s system to automatically find the latest URL of data (e.g. the Customer-account API) provided by another operator, regardless of transport mode.


Open Transport Mode Definitions:
A published table of mode definitions, as used in our Open Standard:

Amendment process:
If anyone would like to consider any additions or changes to these, please see our published amendment process:

Usage policy:
Both API specifications are free to adopt and adapt, without conditions. All we ask is that Open Transport is informed and publicly mentioned when either is used.

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