API Specifications

Two Application Programming Interface (API) specifications are available as Open Standards :

1.            Customer-account API
A standard way to facilitate peer-to-peer transport data sharing and account interoperability, allowing the customer to view all their transportation, mobility and associated data in one place. Properly implemented, this means the travelling customer has no more continual searching across various apps and websites to join-up journey, ticket and discount data.

2.            Centralised Operator-info API
A design for a centralised look-up for all transport operators and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms. This first-of-a-kind transport directory service (similar to the sort code directory within the Financial Services Industry) will provide unique reference information about each mode of transport or mobility organisation, including any publicly available Customer-account API locations.


Open Transport Mode Definitions:
A published table of mode definitions, as used in our Open Standard:

Amendment process:
If anyone would like to consider any additions or changes to these, please see our published amendment process:

Usage policy:
Both API specifications are free to adopt and adapt, without conditions. All we ask is that Open Transport is informed and publicly mentioned when either is used.

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