Smart Data & Open Data – definitions for Transport & Mobility

There are many terms relating to data being used in the transport and mobility industry right now, with individuals confusing or mixing them up. This has resulted in stakeholders and external observers misunderstanding the industry’s level of data maturity and its commitment to certain standards and practices. In other words, transport and mobility organisations are […]

MaaS 2 MaaS : enabling Mobility-as-a-Service interoperability

There’s a gold rush currently underway in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) market, as the different providers of MaaS platform vendors look to sign-up cities and regions to use their products rather than those of their competition. However, for those living, working or travelling near the intersection of two or more geographically different transport regions, this may […]

Comparing Transport & Mobility Mode Definitions

As part of the Open Transport Initiative’s work to create our centralised Operator-Info API specification, we also had to create a definition of transport and mobility modes. Yes, there are other definitions for some modes of transport in different mobility specifications. However none of them covered all the modes of transport a modern mobility ecosystem […]

Plans for our Central Operator-Info API

Back at the beginning of 2020, The Open Transport Initiative launched two different API designs as Open Standards. The first was our Customer-account API: A standard way to facilitate peer-to-peer transport data. This gained a lot of attention and is currently the focus of our drive towards transport data sharing and account interoperability. The second […]