What data entities does the Open Transport “Customer-Account” API expose?

Following various recent enquiries about the data that can be shared consistently between different transport and mobility accounts via our “customer-account” API specification, we thought we would explain each entity here in more detail Purchase:The purchase entity covers a product bought or agreed to be used. Such as a pre-paid ticket. e.g. an off-peak single […]

Joined-up transport data has Net Zero role

The ability to share smart data between many different transport and mobility accounts is a key aim of our organisation. In an earlier post, we considered the range of benefits of customers being easily able to join-up their data from many different transport providers and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms. One of these benefits, comes from them […]

Supporting a MaaS Ecosystem with Open Standard APIs

Earlier this year The Open Transport Initiative published its Open Standards for the sharing of transport and mobility account smart data. The aim being that by giving away any license claims and removing any proprietary Intellectual Property considerations these API standards could be adopted easier and quicker. In short, our aim was to kick-start an […]

Smart Data for Transport & Mobility

Today, Hayden Sutherland, our Founder & Chair presented to the MaaS Scotland 2020 conference on the adoption of Smart Data for Transport & Mobility. His presentation covered: The current restrictions and limitations with online accounts Definitions of Open Data and Smart Data Smart Data examples in other industries – especially Online Banking The findings in […]

Smart Data & Open Data – definitions for Transport & Mobility

There are many terms relating to data being used in the transport and mobility industry right now, with individuals confusing or mixing them up. This has resulted in stakeholders and external observers misunderstanding the industry’s level of data maturity and its commitment to certain standards and practices. In other words, transport and mobility organisations are […]