Why build a Transport & Mobility Data Directory Open Standard?

When starting our our work, most people we spoke with in both the transport & mobility sector (and the wider open & shared data ecosystem) were surprised to find that a central directory service for finding data sources did not already exist.

The problem of a lack of a technical system-to-system look-up service across the transport and mobility industry was confirmed when we designed & published our Open Standard API for Mobility account interoperability (“The Open Banking for Transport”). We realised that without such a central service there was no way to find public APIs and other data sources in a consistent manner.
E.g. In the same way there was already a working & robust Internet domain name serviced BEFORE people started building websites.

We therefore decided to solve this issue by designing our own directory service and publishing for anyone to use. This specification evolved over time as we spoke with different stakeholders and standards bodies. But it still did not align with any work done by those in different sectors.

However after taking advice from The British Standards Institute we now have changed our Open Standard to one that also aligns to the Internet-of-Things discovery standard (PAS212)

We did this to make sure our directory service is interoperable with others in the future, ensuring our data in the future can work alongside other sectors (energy, health, etc.) and therefore be an essential digital infrastructure piece for the entire data industry.

And now we spend more of our time explaining the benefits and features of this service.

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