The benefits of a Central Operator Directory for Mobility & Transport

Every mature industry has some sort of central directory or look-up service (e.g. the Internet has IP addresses & DNS, telephone have exchanges & directories, the postal service has sorting offices & post offices and banks & financial services have branch / sort codes) with most of these now digitalised. However the transport and mobility sector does not… until now.

We think that the potential for a centralised directory API to be used by data providers and sharers (e.g. transport operators and MaaS Platforms) and data consumer (e.g. any 3rd party value-add service or transport tech innovator) is huge.

The benefits (e.g. time savings) and trust that comes from creating a key piece of modern digital infrastructure that can be used to find the precise digital location of any transport system or API that shares data across our industry is potentially game-changing.

It also (hopefully) supports an entire smart & data-driven transport innovation ecosystem.

More details on our Central Operator directory service are available here

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