What data entities does the Open Transport “Customer-Account” API expose?

Following various recent enquiries about the data that can be shared consistently between different transport and mobility accounts via our “customer-account” API specification, we thought we would explain each entity here in more detail

The purchase entity covers a product bought or agreed to be used. Such as a pre-paid ticket. e.g. an off-peak single ScotRail Glasgow Queen Street [GLQ] to Edinburgh (Waverley) [EDB] ticket
However, it could also cover the data relating to a contract or permit to travel (e.g. pay-per-use car parking contract or a electric car hire agreement )

The concession entity covers any relevant discount or voucher that the customer may have. Such as a railcard for a route or a person of a particular age.
However, it could also cover data related to free travel promotion for the subway or a staff parking discount scheme in a given area.

The usage entity covers any data associated with what the customer has historically done, including travelling on a journey.
Note: Usage/journey data is not always required for billing the customer (e.g. when they already have a pre-paid ticket), it could just be additional data that can be used to VALIDATE their purchase. However, it may be of financial use if the customer’s transport provider or mobility platform needs this usage data for subsequently billing them.
(e.g. to bill them for parking of that pay-per-use car parking contract, or to bill them for energy usage in addition to an electric car hire agreement)

If you have any further questions about the entities covered by our “customer-account” API specification, please contact us: contact@opentransport.co.uk

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