Example Use Cases for a Centralised Operator API

We have been asked to provide some example scenarios in which an API designed to our Centralised Operator API Open Standard specification could be used.

Here are a couple:

Example Use Case 1
A transport authority or agency creates an innovation programme and need to provide a definitive list and URLs of all data sources that can be used by 3rd party application developers.
By allowing these developers access to the centralised look-up service, they can:

  1. Find the transport provider (Operator) data source they want
  2. Confirm the mode(s) of transport provided by that provider
  3. Find the URLs of data sources made available by that provider
  4. Find the contact details for that transport provider for access to the data… or
    connect to it straight away (if it is a public source)

Example Use Case 2
A taxi company operating in a region keeps getting requests for vehicle registrations (number plates) for all cars in its fleet – e.g. from developers of local authority systems or Police. So, it publishes this public document as an file on its website, but has been known to move the file location over time (e.g. when it changes its web technology or agency).
By submitting the URL of this file to the centralised look-up service (and updating the URL when they change it), the local authority, police or even any 3rd party developers can find this information without having to contact the taxi company.

If you would like to talk to The Open Transport Initiative about our plans for our Central Operator API, then contact us at: contact@opentransport.co.uk

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