Plans for our Central Operator-Info API

Back at the beginning of 2020, The Open Transport Initiative launched two different API designs as Open Standards. The first was our Customer-account API: A standard way to facilitate peer-to-peer transport data. This gained a lot of attention and is currently the focus of our drive towards transport data sharing and account interoperability.

The second was our Centralised Operator-info API: A design for a centralised look-up service for all transport providers (Operators), agreed 3rd parties and even Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms. This design was updated a few months ago, to aligned it to be a PAS212 (the IoT discoverability standard) reference implementation and be a look-up service for MIPTA (Mobile Interface for Public Transport Assets) asset registry URLs,

We therefore have a plan for turning this API design (and private proof-of-concept that we have been working on – shhhh!!) into a more robust and usable service. This means the development of a fully operational (e.g. populated and reliable) centralised look-up service for the transportation industry.

In simplistic terms, this would a working and scale-able digital equivalent of a reference directory for all modes of transportation and mobility and can be likened to sort codes used for banking or post codes for the Post Office. It could therefore be a complete system-to-system directory that could be used by anyone in the transport and mobility industry who wants to publish or find a source of data, either public or private.

For example – a MaaS Platform developer wants to find key information about the service d by a transport provider (e.g. the number of ticket vending machines they have). The MaaS platform developer will contact the look-up service which will in turn direct them to the correct data location if it was available.

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