Beyond Open Transport

Open Transport is our pioneering initiative to change the transport and mobility landscape for the benefit of its customers. Using integrated and shared data via open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) we want to create better transport services and improve innovation and competition.

We see the widespread adoption of an Open Standard for customer account interoperability as being an opportunity for transport providers, mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platforms and their suppliers.

Thus allowing:

  1. customers to easily join-up the data from many different transport providers
  2. customers to use the digital user interface (an app or website) of their choice, not several from different providers at once
  3. new data-driven services to enter the mobility market

But also, Open Transport can potentially provide the means for other services and providers (e.g. smart cities, civtech, finance, energy, etc.) to integrate and interact with a customer’s transport data.

In short, we are not sure we know all the possible future uses for the work we have done. But the possibilities lie beyond the current examples we have even dared to consider so far.

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