The Open Transport Initiative – Gaining Recognition

Covid-19 has changed the working environment for many people and has definitely changed their approach to spending. Often this is reflected in the corporate world, with a more cautious approach to investment and innovation, as organisations play safe during uncertainty.

This topic is something we have been discussing at the Open Transport Initiative. We have asked ourselves several poignant questions, such as: Should we be changing our approach to transport account interoperability? Should we perhaps wait until ‘the new normal’ settles down before driving mobility data adoption forwards?

But as a team, we have all agreed that our key aim of transport account data interoperability and findability has never been more relevant than now. Recent changes in transportation usage and conditions for travelling, along with reduction in carbon emissions, have created a period of accelerated change. One that can hopefully lead to a better (e.g. more efficient and greener) long-term use of public and private transport.

This was reinforced for us last week when The Open Transport Initiative was shortlisted in the Excellence in Technology and Innovation category for the Scottish Transport Awards.

The Scottish Transport Awards have been running for 18 years. It recognises the efforts and achievements of the Transport Sector across Scotland. There are many admirable programmes who are also shortlisted in these awards. It is therefore great to be named alongside organisations who have been working so hard to drive innovation and excellent in the travel sector.

At any time, this would be a great honour. But to receive this recognition so early in our formation and during a time of uncertainty, is a real achievement for us and all those who have contributed to our work.

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