Open Transport enables a comprehensive and open MaaS ecosystem

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) needs data for it to work. More specifically it needs data about the transportation purchases and usage of its customers. Therefore having access to a broader and more comprehensive set of mobility data over a decent period of time (and over all modes of transportation) provides a better understanding of the different transportation needs of each of those customers.

In short, MaaS can only be truly successful if it joins up the data from all different transport providers that its customers actually use.

So whether the data comes from rail, bus and subway services or taxis, micro-mobility services and commercial cycle hire schemes… this combined data (using either an aggregated or federated approach to join it all up)… all helps to enable more tailored transport services to be delivered to individuals or supports the ability to better match them to existing services.

Open Transport provides an Open Standard for the interoperability of data in customer transport accounts. It is a free standard that does not have to be restricted just to public transit services. Plus if implemented once, it offers the potential to integrate to any other service that also adopts it.

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