Travel account aggregation doesn’t give the whole picture

The definition of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is not uniformly agreed in the transport and transit industry. In fact, on the subject of self-service account provision, there is a significant device. Many MaaS aggregation platform vendors and some transport authorities/regulators believe in the utopian vision of a single mobility account for all transport providers. Whereas the individual […]

Updated Draft Open API Specification 0.2

Following recent contribution from transport subject-matter-experts (SMEs) and technical specialists, we have now update the draft API Specification. This draft is currently at version 0.2 Note: This API Specification is not yet at a peer review stage. If you would like to be involved please contact us

Why every Transport Authority should support an Open API for account interoperability

We believe that the use of an Open transport API will facilitate the standardisation of digital account integration for transport providers. Which will in-turn help to bring true interoperability of data, such as ticketing/purchase and journey information. But the private sector transport cannot implement this initiative alone. It requires universal support to make the change […]

How does an Open Transport API support the aims of MaaS?

Mobility-As-A-Service (“MaaS”) is the concept that users of transport or transit services migrate away from personally owned means of transportation and adopt an on-demand & pay-per-use service instead. This shift in behaviour (and potentially billing) means a user can then choose their preferred trip based on: cost, time, environmental factors, convenience or a combination of […]