The 1st Central Operator Service for Transport & Mobility

Released at the same time as the “customer account” API specification in early 2020, our “central operator” Open Standard became the first (and only) look-up specification to enable shared data (AKA smart data) sources to be found across all modes of transport within an entire mobility ecosystem.

Subsequently, after feedback from various organisations, we updated and aligned this Open Standard to a wider Internet-of-Things (IoT) data discoverability Open Standard (PAS212).

However, since then not much has been done with it. Until now… as we have made the decision to build and release a fully working central directory for the discovery of shared transport & mobility data.

Our Operator-info API specification is the design for a centralised API look-up service for finding the location of data across different Transport operators. Mobility providers and MaaS platforms. A first-of-a-kind technical directory service it allows one Operator’s system to automatically find the latest URL of data (e.g. the Customer-account API) provided by another operator, regardless of transport mode.

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