Central Mobility Operator Directory launches

We have some great news to share… the launch of our Central Mobility Operator Directory. Here’s lead developer David O’Neill explaining the project in more detail…

Over the last 6 weeks, I have been working in partnership with the Open Transport Initiative to produce a live operator directory, in line with the operator-info API specification
The first stage of the project was to choose the correct technology to build and host the API in order to meet the non-functional requirement of scalability. We agreed to begin development with Flask, the Python framework – code can be found at: https://github.com/DavidONeill75101/open-transport-operator-api

The Open Transport Initiative identified a spreadsheet as an appropriate tool to store the operator data, providing simple access which required no programming knowledge. As a result, the API was configured to pull data from the spreadsheet using pandas, the Python library, to manipulate it and return the necessary JSON

Once the build stage was complete, our efforts moved onto hosting the API. AWS Elastic Beanstalk was chosen as an effective tool as it automatically provided the necessary auto-scaling and load balancing to meet non-functional requirements. We ensured that the API was configured to scale successfully to meet the demands of spikes in traffic and continue to monitor how it handles many requests.

After deliberation, we opted to register a domain with the “.com” TLD instead of “.co.uk”. We
agreed that this was the correct move since the API could be adopted internationally, while also routing queries down the path /uk. Finally, we configured the domain to run over https ensuring that all data is encrypted in transit.

The directory is now live at https://www.otidirectory.com and we hope that this project will be embraced as an industry standard.

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