Proposed changes to the Open Transport specifications

The two Open Transport API specifications were published as Open Standards on 3rd January 2020. Since then the Board has received the following Change Requests to modify and improve these designs:

API: Centralised Operator-info API
Change: The addition of another “mode”, that of: “016: suspended cable car”.
Plus also some mapping work to clarify the use of Open Transport “modes” against those used in the GTFS standard.

API: Centralised Operator-info API
Change: Change of API structure to align to PAS212 (the Internet-of-Things directory standard)
In effect, making the Open Transport Centralised Operator-info API a mobility industry-specific implementation of PAS212.

API: Centralised Operator-info API
Change: Expansion of the centralised look-up service to include an additional MIPTA (Mobile Interface for Public Transport Assets) asset registry endpoint location (URL)

API: Customer-account API
Change: Add “account balance” to add “account balance” to “purchase” data
This exposed the transport credit balance of any account based travel (ABT) system or stored value product. So that the balance can be viewed in another integrated transport provider account.

On the assumption that these Change Requests are accepted, this will result in a version update to both API specifications.

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