The Open Transport elevator pitch

We regularly get asked for a short description of what Open Transport specifically is (our ‘elevator pitch’). So, we thought we would share this here:

Open Transport is the first & only Open Standard for Transport and Mobility account interoperability. It is best described simply as the “Open Banking for Transport”.

The standard, released on 3rd January 2020, is made up of two different two Application Programming Interface (API) specifications that can be used separately or together to help provide an open mobility system:

  1. Customer-account API
    A standard way to expose mobility account data (not personally identifiable data) owned by a customer when integrating to another account, regardless of transport mode or system. Thus potentially allowing the customer to view all their transportation and associated data in one place. Properly implemented, this means the travelling customer has no more continual searching across various apps and websites to join-up journey, ticket and discount data.
  2. Centralised Operator-info API
    A design for a centralised look-up for all transport operators and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platforms. This first-of-a-kind transport directory service (similar to the sort code directory within the Financial Services Industry) will provide unique reference information about each mode of transport or mobility organisation, including Customer-account API locations.

We have a published process for suggesting further amendments and improvements to this Open Standard. So if it does not exactly meet the needs of a specific transport provider or mobility service, we can look to amend our specifications in a backward compatible way .

Plus, being a truly Open Standard… both API specifications are free to adopt and adapt, without conditions. All we ask is that Open Transport is informed and publicly mentioned when either is used.

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