Using data-driven mobility to transform the world

Yesterday (18th May 2021) our Chair & Founder Hayden Sutherland took part in a Shaping Mobility webinar on the topic of “How data-driven mobility transforms the world”. This session, organised and moderated by PTV Group, had input from other respected transport industry specialists from the UK Department of Transport and TomTom.

The topics discussed included:

  • How should authorities use data to optimize mobility?
  • What kind of data fits to which community & transport operator?
  • Can all of us be assured that data of our movements is in safe hands?

Unsurprisingly Hayden mentioned how different types of data from across the Data Spectrum (especially Shared and Open data) can be used to help cities and authorities understand and use mobility data better. But also that data should be made FAIR:
– Findable
– Accessible
– Interoperable
– Reusable

You can watch the entire hour-long video here:

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