Open Transport requires a mindset change

The integration of different transport accounts owned by the same person (e.g. their rail, subway and electric scooter accounts) is certainly a technical challenge. But one that the Open Transport initiative believe can be overcome, especially if common standards such as open APIs are used. But technology isn’t the only barrier to overcome. Complete transport […]

Deliverables & timescales to create an initial Open Standard

We have been asked what our timescales are around delivering an Open Standard, so we thought we would be completely transparent about our aims here. Note: The current work to create both API specifications (‘customer-account’ and ‘operator-info’) are the intellectual property of Ideal Interface. This will change when version 1.0 of the Open Standard is […]

Open Transport shortlisted for Global Ticketing Technology Award

We are incredibly proud to announce that Open Transport has made the 2020 Transport Ticketing Global Awards Shortlist. Our work, in creating the first open API specification for transport account interoperability, is in the category of Ticketing Technology of the Year. The winners will be announced at the Transport Ticketing Gala Dinner & Awards ceremony […]

Open Transport attends World Rail Festival 2019

Today members of the Open Transport initiative attended World Rail Festival in Amsterdam . The World Rail Festival is a global event where over 900 attendees come to meet and discuss commercial strategy, digital transformation, next generation ticketing, customer experience, revenue management, MaaS and smart mobility, stations, connectivity, real time information in the rail, bus […]

Why we decided to create Open Transport

The Open Transport standard for customer account interoperability facilitates the integration of different transport accounts owned by the same individual. Once accounts are linked, the standard allows a person to view all purchases, usage and even concessions (e.g. discounts and railcards) in another account. This works in the same way that Open Banking does for […]