Supporting a MaaS Ecosystem with Open Standard APIs

Earlier this year The Open Transport Initiative published its Open Standards for the sharing of transport and mobility account smart data. The aim being that by giving away any license claims and removing any proprietary Intellectual Property considerations these API standards could be adopted easier and quicker.

In short, our aim was to kick-start an entire ecosystem of transport account interoperability and mobility innovation.

These aims also align with the recently-published Government intention to include the transport sector within the scope of legislation to mandate UK industry-wide involvement in data sharing initiatives. The expectation is that that sectors such as ours will learn from others (principally Open Banking), who are further-on in their implementation and adoption of smart / shared data.
We therefore believe that the adoption (by choice or mandatory legislation) of Open customer account data sharing standards across the entire sector would be completely transformative from a customer perspective as well as a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform vendor and public and private transport provider perspective too.

Or put another way… The creation and publication of these Open Standards is not a commercial venture, but a freely provided and necessary piece of digital infrastructure and value enabler for the entire transport and Mobility sector.

If you want to learn more about the work we have published or want to suggest a change that can benefit this sector: at

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