Stop making transport data so difficult for the customer

Why does the transport and mobility industry make it so difficult for the travelling customer to be in control of their data?

There are dozens & dozens of different online accounts – one for each Transport Provider and MaaS Platform. Customers have to log into every account to get a complete view of all their transport tickets and usage.

  • Why is there not a way for the customer to view their data in all disparate accounts in the same way?
  • Why are there no services that can present all tickets, permits and passes across multiple different transport modes in a single dashboard (without them being part of one bespoke platform)?
  • Why are there no innovations in this sector that can help the customer make best use of joined-up journey data to help them made faster, cheaper, or greener transport decisions?

Technology is often cited as the reason. But the biggest inhibitor to these innovations is not technology, but the lack of a framework to securely access, use and share that transport & mobility data. Until now…

The Open Transport Initiative was set-up to develop and promote the use of Open Standards for Transport & Mobility, resulting in us publishing an Open Standard for the sharing of transport account data (tickets/purchases, usage/journeys and discounts/concessions) between different providers and platforms. We have therefore created a standardised way to integrate transport and mobility customer account data.

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