What do you mean FREE?

Open Transport is an initiative that has released two different Open Standards for transport and mobility account interoperability. But one of the most common questions we get asked is about whether our work is really free or not.

Why standards?
Standards are needed with technology, to ensure that more than one developer or vendor can work together on a technical product or solution.

Why Open Standards?
Open Standards are standards that have been made publicly available and that can have various rights to their usage. Their purpose is to ensure that application developers (and therefore their clients) are not locked in to a specific technology or vendor. Open Standards also help make applications more functional (as more than one organisation can develop their ideas in parallel) and interoperable (as more than one product or service can be developed to align to these standards).

But… FREE?
Yes. To ensure that our work has the greatest chance of adoption across the transport and mobility sectors, we have decided that the Open Transport standards are completely free to adopt, by any organisation, transport provider, authority, etc.
There are no conditions or caveats to this, this work can be viewed, downloaded and used by anyone, anywhere.

What do we want in return?
Nothing. Since our aim is uniform and mass adoption of a consistent transport account interoperability standards across the mobility ecosystem, this alone would be sufficient reward for all the work that has been put in.
But if any adopter wanted to credit Open Transport by mention us and this website in their terms & conditions or code, that would be fine too.

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