Why we decided to create Open Transport

The Open Transport standard for customer account interoperability facilitates the integration of different transport accounts owned by the same individual. Once accounts are linked, the standard allows a person to view all purchases, usage and even concessions (e.g. discounts and railcards) in another account.

This works in the same way that Open Banking does for bank accounts – where a person can link one current account to another. Meaning they do not need to log into both accounts at the same time to get a joint view of their complete financial transactions.

Our standard does not directly deal with transport ticketing or financial transactions, other standards do that very well. It simply provides a means of remotely viewing the transport data (including ticket / purchase data) stored in the system of each different participating transport operator.

The team behind this initiative decided to design a standard for the entire transport industry, not just for one vendor. Something that, when mature enough, can be released an an Open Standard. Creating a free-to-use and consistent way for accounts provided by different suppliers and technologies to integrate and share transport data.

We think the transport industry needs this innovation, so we created it!

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