Where else do federated accounts exist?

Open Transport is based upon the idea that that different transport and mobility accounts owned by the same individual can be integrated together in a federated manner. This means that the Transport Provider can still have their own customer account and that is does not need to be merged up into one super account e.g. as part of a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) Platform.

In fact, our ‘Customer-account’ specification allows Transport Provider and MaaS Platform account data to be interoperable… even if they are based on entirely different technologies and from different vendors.

But where else does this federated approach to account integration exist?

Well this is easy, its Open Banking. Initiated in January  2018,  legislation was introduced that the 9 biggest UK banks must release their data in a secure, standardised form, so that it could be shared more easily.

Since then, APIs have been published for read/write account access. This has then allowed the secure data exchange between accounts whilst preserving the all-important bank & customer relationship. But still allowing the customer to view their account transaction history and to carry out other functions from within the account of their choice.


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