Open Transport and ITSO

Whilst receiving feedback about our evolving customer account API specification, we have also had some people ask us how the Open Transport standard for secure account integration works with ITSO. Therefore we thought this post should clarify things…

Open Transport
The Open Transport standard for customer account interoperability facilitates the integration of different transport operator accounts owned by the same individual. Once linked, the standard allows a person to view all purchases, usage and even concessions (e.g. discounts and railcards) in another account.

ITSO allows transport authorities or operators to put different tickets and concessions onto a range of compatible plastic smartcards (and now mobile devices). This provides a wide selection of card, ticket and concession possibilities, plus means the customer doesn’t need to carry multiple smartcards around with them.

However, the ITSO standard does not assume that the user has a self-service account (although this can be useful) and in many cases works perfectly well without one.

Therefore the two standards work well together, but for two different use cases:

  1. ITSO when needing interoperability between all smartcards and smart devices (e.g. ticket gates)
  2. Open Transport when needing integration & data sharing between different transport customer accounts

The diagram below shows where these two operate.

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