Why peer review of a standard is important

The Open Transport initiative currently have two different API specifications our for wider peer review:

1. Customer-account
This is a standard for the interoperability of transport account data. The current data types described are: Purchase, Usage & Concession

2. Operator-info
This is a standard for a central look-up service for all transport /mobility. Its main purpose is to act as a transport API directory service that can be queried to provide the URLs of each participating operator (including the location of each Customer-account API).

Our plan is to circulate these specifications to as many transport industry representatives as possible over the next month, get feedback, make all agreed changes and then issue both as “version 1” in early January 2020.

We want this initial release to be as correct as it can be . We also want it to be as useful as it can be to as wide a range of transport operators. Therefore we need the maximum number of technical and subject-matter-experts in each transport mode (bus, ferry, escooter, taxi, ride-share, etc.) to review what we have done, ask questions and provide feedback or suggested amends.

And of course, the more people that look at it now… the less changes we will potentially have to make subsequently 😉

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