What Data Sharing is needed for MaaS?

The implementation and ongoing governance of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) needs to provide clear and firm guidance on what and how data is shared across a transport ecosystem.

But data sharing, the specific sharing of data from the middle of The Transport & Mobility Data Spectrum (therefore not Open Data and not Closed Data) actually covers a range of different data types.

These are:

Named Access (“Smart Data” as the UK Government describes it)
This is when the customer gives specific approval for some/all of their data, typically in an account they manage, to be securely shared with a specific third-party account or provider – e.g. how Open Banking works. Back in Sept 2020 the UK Gov announced its intentions to extend the reach of current Smart Data legislation to other sectors, including Transport: https://opentransport.co.uk/2020/09/21/open-transport-welcomes-legislation-to-mandate-transport-industry-participation-in-smart-data-initiatives/

Group-based Access
This is data that Transport Authorities and Organisations within the ecosystem share between each other for transport planning and operations purposes. The best example of this data type is the Mobility Data Specification run by the Open Mobility Foundation (https://www.openmobilityfoundation.org/), which is a data standard that helps cities manage and monitor micro-mobility companies

Public Access
This is data that is similar to Open Data (in that it does not need restricted access) but does have some license limitations – e.g. it cannot be changed, enriched with other sources, resold, etc. without permission.

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