Helping to piece together end-to-end journeys

A person’s journey (e.g. making their regular commute to work) does not start and end when they board and get off a bus or train. For most travellers there is also additional travel taking place (e.g. when they leave the house to get to the stop or station and when they continie their onwards journey at the other end to get to their work place).

In some cases these additional pieces of travel are on foot. But in other cases these are made by taxi, ride share, electric scooter or even another bus or train.

In a fragmented transport environment this therefore makes it rather hard for the travelling customer to piece together their entire door-to-door journeys made using more than one mode of transportation. Typically needing them to log into and view multiple online accounts at the same time.

What we are therefore developing at Open Transport is a way to link these different transport provider accounts for the same individual. Once linked, they can then log into an account of their choosing and get a much better consolidated view of their end-to-end journeys (plus their tickets purchased and any discounts they are entitled to)

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