Deliverables & timescales to create an initial Open Standard

We have been asked what our timescales are around delivering an Open Standard, so we thought we would be completely transparent about our aims here.

Note: The current work to create both API specifications (‘customer-account’ and ‘operator-info’) are the intellectual property of Ideal Interface. This will change when version 1.0 of the Open Standard is created.

14th October 2019 (International Standards Day)
Draft ‘Customer-account’ API specification v0.9 issued for industry peer review

4th November
Draft ‘Operator-info’ look-up API specification v0.9.1 issued for industry peer review

20th December
Final date for feedback and questions

3 January 2020
Launch of v1.0 as Open Standard. This will also be be when there is the official handover of on-going management and further changes of specification & documentation from Ideal Interface to a new ‘Open Transport’ organisation.

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