Peer review from MaaS Scotland community

Thursday 5th December saw Hayden Sutherland present the Open Transport work to a number of Maas Scotland members and other interested parties. This was part of an event called “Data: Fuelling the transport technology revolution”

The purpose of the Open Transport session in the afternoon was to get a wider peer of what has been produced by the initiative so far, with the aim of creating an Open Standard by early 2020

The first part of the session was to:

  1. Provide attendees with an overview what Open Transport provides
  2. Explain why we think this innovation is needed
  3. Go into more detail about what it is we have created (and is not)
  4. Describe the proposed high-level architecture
  5. Highlight the timescales for the next few weeks until the specifications become an Open Standard

Hayden then took part in an interactive workshop session (Q&A and more detailed discussion), where different MaaS Scotland members asked questions and contributed thoughts including:

  • Similarities to Open Banking and points of differentiation
  • Methods of validating users looking to join different transport accounts
  • How the Open Transport standard intersects or aligns with other standards
  • What the following steps would be & any barriers to achieving this

Overall the group was very supportive of the work done so far. They also acknowledged that this was a first step towards wider market acceptance and adoption of open standards and that more work was now required to develop both the centralised ‘operator-info’ API look-up directory service and create a reference implementation of an account using the ‘customer-account’ API integration specification.

Open Transport would therefore like to extend its huge thanks to MaaS Scotland for all its support so far.

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