Open Transport attends World Rail Festival 2019

Today members of the Open Transport initiative attended World Rail Festival in Amsterdam .

The World Rail Festival is a global event where over 900 attendees come to meet and discuss commercial strategy, digital transformation, next generation ticketing, customer experience, revenue management, MaaS and smart mobility, stations, connectivity, real time information in the rail, bus and urban mobility sectors.

At this event many different people from across the transport industry got to hear about the work that Open Transport has done and the plans to release two API specifications as Open Standards from early January 2020.

A leaflet was also produced for the event and handed out for further information. This can be downloaded as a PDF:

Given that many people still asked the same questions (e.g. “Why are you doing this for free?” and “Where do I see this?”) it has led us to strongly consider the addition of a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on this website.

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