Open Transport account integration. Where’s the trick?

Our aim for the Open Transport Initiative is for it to be adopted as a standard by as many transport operators and MaaS platforms as possible. It is why we plan to make v1.0 an Open Standard and freely available without conditions or constraints.

“So what do the participating organisations expect to get out of it?” Is a common question we get asked.

The simple answer is that we believe that an interoperable standard for transport accounts has been a long time coming, too long. And when speaking with end users (the travelling customers) about what we are creating, many assumed that such a thing already existed and is being used.

The work to create the API Specification to the current version (v0.9) has had valued contributions from many different people within the transport and technology sectors. Each have understood that their effort has no actual reward and even that (in theory) someone nefarious could: come along, take what has been done already, slightly change it and publish it as their own proprietary standard. But that hasn’t stopped us doing it anyway.

However, as one of our founding team has said many times already:
“The Chinese have a phrase ‘the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the next best time is now’. We are therefore planting something out in the open for the benefit of transport account interoperability. With the hope that it will grow and evolve over time”

Yes, for some who want to create lock-in and further silos of customer data, the idea of adopting this Open Standard will be scary.

For those who see the Open Transport initiative for what it is (a benefit to the end user and a way to save technical time & effort) they realise that it’s a treat we have given the entire mobility industry.

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