Open Transport Phase One in more detail

The incremental delivery of the the Open Transport initiative has been the plan since it started. Trying to deliver (what we believe) all the functionality the transport industry needs at once

  • Would not be realistic, given the limited resources of the founding team
  • Does not allow for flexibility in delivery over time, as our understanding of user and industry needs

We have therefore agreed to have 3 phases, with the basics delivered in Phase 1 across just five use cases:

  1. Link accounts
  2. Un-link accounts
  3. Read Purchase (e.g. ticket)
  4. Read Usage (e.g. journey made)
  5. Read Concession (e.g. discount)

We did originally consider other use cases around end-to-end journey planning and best fare calculations. But the market for this is already mature / crowded.

Our agreed phased roadmap is therefore more focused on developing the interoperability between a customer’s individual transport accounts, with an evolving richness of functionality

The complete roadmap is shown here:

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