Building the Transport Account API Roadmap

Taking the decision to create an Open API specification for transport account interoperability was a great first step. However we also appreciate that:

1. We cannot build out a complete API instantly, as it needs consideration and input from a number of different people (ideally subject-matter-experts for each relevant mode of transport / mobility)

2. There is the initial priority to focus on an aggregated view of basic travel account information, before moving on to more complex / richer functionality that may need wider specialist input & validation.

Therefore we have created an initial roadmap of the most likely features that the API will support. This has been broken down into three distinct phases.

Note: At this point we are not giving specific timescales for each phase. Nor are we fixing any of the features beyond the first phase, as this may change as we get specialist & industry feedback.

What we have also decided is not to get involved (in the short term) in the integration of travel accounts and payment services. This will leave transport operators to currently process their own payment transactions in any way they want (transfer, cash, credit card, etc. ) until such time as Phase 3 becomes more of a reality.

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