Could transport & mobility accounts become obsolete? Interview with our Founder

In a recent article initially posted on Linkedin, Hayden Sutherland, the Founder and Chair of The Open Transport Initiative, proposed the concept that transport & mobility accounts could become obsolete, as FinTech accounts are the more logical place for handling the financial processing of transport data.

Titled “Could FinTech kill the transport & mobility account?” the article explains that creating & on-boarding a bank account (or a sub-account) in an online banking app is now easier than registering for yet another new account with each different transport supplier or Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.

Following-up on this, Open Future World, the global online source of open banking, open finance and wider open economy information, quizzed Hayden about the points made and the impact such an approach could have.

This interview is now available here:

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