MaaS 2 MaaS : enabling Mobility-as-a-Service interoperability

There’s a gold rush currently underway in the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) market, as the different providers of MaaS platform vendors look to sign-up cities and regions to use their products rather than those of their competition.

However, for those living, working or travelling near the intersection of two or more geographically different transport regions, this may end up with them having to use multiple MaaS platforms. This will mean customers having to use different Apps and switch between different online accounts to view their balance, usage, etc.

What we have created at The Open Transport Initiative is a way for these different MaaS platforms to share the same sort of transport data (e.g. account credit balance or journeys made) in a consistent and open way. Meaning that a customer can link one MaaS Account with any other participating MaaS Account to view the data in all their accounts in a single App or website of their choice.

As these MaaS platforms increase in number and coverage, this “Maas to MaaS” (or Maas 2 MaaS) connectivity is essential for putting the travelling customer (consumer) in control of their mobility data.

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