Open Transport enables a consolidated view of mobility accounts

When we set-out to create the Open Transport standard, we had in our minds the problem that many transportation customers have:

  • Multiple online / self-service accounts
    Typically one for each transport provider and another for each Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform.
  • Multi-modal journeys
    Those commuting, business and pleasure trips that involve more than one mode of transportation.
  • Limited time
    Or perhaps just a frustrated need to have things “work as I want, when I need them to”.

So we created a common interoperable specification for allowing any transport or mobility account to share transportation-specific data (only). And we made it available as an Open Standard, for free and without caveat or constraint.

So now, this enables a customer to link their participating transport accounts and then use a single website or app to view all this data in a consolidated way.

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