Open Transport v1 APIs now on ProgrammableWeb

We are glad to announce that our two Open Transport API specifications have been submitted and accepted by ProgrammableWeb, the Web’s defacto journal of the API economy.

On our listing page we have explained that the Open Transport initiative provides two different Open Standard API specifications for free usage since v1.0:

1. Customer-account
A standard way to facilitate peer-to-peer transport data sharing and account interoperability, allowing the customer to combine all their transportation, mobility and associated data in one place. Including: purchase, concession, and usage features in addition to operators, transactions, latitude and longitude, vehicle, and discount data.

2. Operator-info
A centralised look-up for all transport operators. This provides a transport directory service with unique reference information about each mode of transport or mobility organisation, including any publicly available Customer-account API URLs.

Both specifications are Open Standards, meaning they have been made available on Swaggerhub for usage without conditions or fees.

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