Further uses for the “operator-info” look-up service

As well as releasing a “customer-account” API specification (for the consistent integration of purchase, usage and concession transport data), we have also published an “operator-info” specification too.

This “operator-info” is our design for a central transport look-up for both validating key mobility data and providing references to each transport operator’s account APIs, including participating “customer-account” locations. 

However, interestingly we have also had enquiries recently from other (non-transport) organisations, asking if this specification could also be applied on a wider scope & regional basis (e.g. as the look-up service for a Smart City, as nothing seems to exist in that space either).

The simple answer to this question is… “yes”.

Once the “operator-info” specification has been peer reviewed and then released as an Open Standard as planned on the 3rd January 2020, it can then be free to adopt and adapt for transport look-up or wider purposes if it suits.
(All we ask is that credit is publicly given to Open Transport when either API is used)

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