Account data sharing principles & entities

Transport & mobility data belongs to the account owner. So why shouldn’t they have quick and convenient access to all their transport account data in the way that they want?

This may seem like a bold claim, especially when so many transport providers are looking to leverage their customer data and monetise their digital platforms. But the travelling customer really should be in control of their mobility account and be able to effortlessly grant, modify and revoke access whenever they want.

Our Open Transport standard for account data sharing therefore specifies 3 different “customer-account” data entities.

Note: None of the data entities we are proposing in our “customer-account” specification are personally identifiable information (PII).

These are:

This can be a Ticket, pass to travel, contract to use a MaaS service, etc.

Journey, parking duration, etc. The specification also includes services consumed when this usage takes place e.g. electric vehicle (EV) charging, in-flight phone calls, etc.

This would be for something such as a Railcard or staff discount scheme. But could also include a pre-paid voucher / coupon, etc.

Peer review & feedback welcome:
All details of both draft API specifications (“customer-account” and “operator-info”) are publicly available to view online here:

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