The first API Directory for Transport?

Devising a centralised transport operator look-up service has been an interesting output for the Open Transport initiative (as well as creating the actual customer account integration API). But it wasn’t something that we originally anticipated that we would need to do. It was just something that we identified along-the-way as being necessary for true interoperability across multiple operator accounts.

This has resulted in us publishing a draft API specification for this service here:

In the past we have compared this transport look-up service to the Sort Code or BIC/SWIFT reference used in Financial Services. This was the closest common reference we could find to describe what we wanted to do. (Yes, there are other less well-known API services in banking, such as the newer PRETA Open Banking Europe directory )
And after some research we realised that what we actually wanted to create was something that resembled a combination of:

  1. A Sort Code / IBAN API look-up service E.g.
  2. The City of Los Angles transport MDS (Mobility Data Specification) reference file:

So what we have actually ended up with now is (we believe) the specification for the first API Directory for Transport, delivered as an API.

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