Centralised transport look-up API

In previous posts we have mentioned the need for a centralised look-up service for all transport / mobility providers. This is needed (especially in the early stages of the Open Transport standard) to enforce data consistency between those who have adopted it.

To achieve this, the Open Transport team have agreed that we need to create a further API. This will be a centralised API that can be used as a directory service for all participating operators involved.

This ‘Operator Info’ service will actually have two slightly different functions:

  1. Provide details about each registered operator, primarily the URL of their customer account Open Transport API.(Without this, there would be no record of where each interoperable account API can be found.)
  2. A list of the specific transport mode(s) that each operator is providing. This should be used to validate the data within account API calls, to ensure consistency when referring to the mode of transport – e.g. rail and not Train, TRAIN, RAIL, Railway, etc.
    Note: This API can obviously be extended in the future to include other API data validation, as required.
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