The disruption of transport

Every industry is seemingly being disrupted right now. It seems as if there is almost an inevitability about it, regardless of whether this disruption is commercially viable or not.

And disruptive start-ups have to start somewhere, typically by taking revenue or customers away from more established brands. Meaning that market fragmentation is an almost inevitable consequence:

  • Challenger banks entered the financial services market to take business from the High Street banks
  • Tesla look custom away from traditional car manufacturers by providing innovation, distance, style and performance from electric cars

And transportation disruption is now upon us. Uber is worth around $100Bn (yes Billions!) and eScooter companies like Bird and Lime are scooping up users and propelling them along urban tarmac near you. Meaning that there are more & more online accounts being created for each & every mobility service.

What Open Transport is therefore trying to do is create a way to put the customer back in control of their transport data.

By allowing them to use the online account of their choice and to securely link it to their other transport accounts. In this way they can have a central view of all their tickets, journeys and travel discounts, without having to log into each account separately.

So even if the transport market becomes increasingly fragmented, the data can all be integrated in the account(s) that the user wants.

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