Why every Transport Authority should support an Open API for account interoperability

We believe that the use of an Open transport API will facilitate the standardisation of digital account integration for transport providers. Which will in-turn help to bring true interoperability of data, such as ticketing/purchase and journey information.

But the private sector transport cannot implement this initiative alone. It requires universal support to make the change towards a workable MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) multi-modal multi-operator model for all customers. Thus helping to shift people towards mass transit that will reduce emissions and deliver health benefits for society.

More active means of travel are only going to become more prevalent across entire transport networks in the future. With journeys being made via car-sharing, sustainable transportation and potentially other more innovative schemes (e.g. powered scooters) . But this requires a collective embracing of an Open Standards for account interoperability across the combined private and public sectors.

We therefore think it is an obvious role of any Transport Authority to widely encourage the use of a open standards for transport accounts. With the eventual aim of delivering true data interoperability and reducing barriers to customer adoption.

Or put a different way… every Transport Authority needs to ensure that they do not stifle development in newer integration technologies and provide direction & help in making sure that consistent inter operable transport standards are adopted and maintained.

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