What is the purpose of integrating Transport Accounts?

An Open Transport account standard can potentially be used for many different purposes (some of which we may not even know about yet).

Some examples of account interoperability could include:

  • Enable a customer to view the details of a joint rail & subway or a combined bus & ferry ticket
  • Presentation of all transport permutations taken as part of a MaaS (Mobility-as-a-service) system, especially in a fragmented or deregulated transport provider network
  • Allow new services to be created that provides a single “transport dashboard” view of all participating accounts
  • Reporting back to the customer or operator the environmental / green impact of their total journeys
  • As the basis of a multi-modal gamification service (e.g. in the same way that smart energy meters now encourage customers to use fuels more efficiently & cheaply)
  • Collation of all unpaid journeys or tickets in one central place and then used as the basis if a multi-modal Account Based Travel (ABT) or ePurse proposition

This standard can also either be adapted into existing systems or used as the basis for new ones.

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