Supporting loyalty in fragmented transport ecosystems

Hayden’s recent article on LinkedIn explains that some USA public transit operators are using loyalty schemes to try to shift customers to their less congested (and often more environmentally friendly) modes of transportation.

But how could such a scheme work in those areas where transportation services are fragmented, deregulated, privatised or just provided by different systems and technologies?

The truth is, that unless there is a common way for each different transport operator to integrate with the accounts of other operators (and at the most basic level of functionality to view some journey and ticketing data)… then a single consolidated view of travel will not be possible.

So how do we create the ability for all accounts to be inter-operable? By the use of open and usable API standards that both:

  1. Private sector suppliers can adopt over time (although the faster they do this, the more competitive they make their products)
  2. Public sector organisations & operators embrace and mandate in all future transport tenders or franchises.
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